Welcome to Avinamaurya.com

A Harmony path between Human Desires & Nature.

The Development of Scientific Temperament in our thinking
is most balanced and harmonious way of living in society.

Scientific Temperament helps you to

Span your Understanding

Science & Engineering, Living beings & Philosophy,
Morality & Nature, Faith & Truth, Humility & Arrogance,
Logic & Intuition.



Three Levels of Scientific Temperament Workshop –
Essential, Scientific & Applied.

Math Workshop – Bagless & Boardless, Playground Math Classroom Experience.

Learning Toys

Model based learning, applying conceptual studies in practice.

Think critically and contribute to resolve the practical world problems within schools.


Self – Initiation approach to learn Physics & Mathematics to alleviate & soothe the laborious task.

Improve your skills to apply in Coding, Programming, building technological creation.


Think Big, Start Small.

Product Development with agile methodology.

Simplicity at scale, incremental design, Self-diagnostic, No training GUI.

Let’s make diversity of our World
a better place to Live & Love.