A new religion: “Love 1.0”

The Global Peace Index is a numbering system indicates how peaceful a country is. You can compare the data that the Atheism is directly related to peace. To understand this better it is necessary to understand ‘What is peace?’ In my opinion, acceptance of the difference between us.

If you belong to a group of people who starts your day listening to News TV / Paper in the morning, I am sorry, you will not be able to create a sense of peace even in your family. The optimism and negativity both are part of us. Our views may be wrong at hundreds of situation, but it could be more right at certain situation. As humans are evolving and developing more marvelous technologies, we must upgrade ourselves morally too.

I have an IDEA to upgrade this “human element” i.e. our morals to the next level.

This will revolutionize the governance, law & orders, human rights. It will further strengthen human relationships as a whole.

My idea is, let’s develop Love 1.0 as our Religion Rational. Years ago, when Microsoft wanted to build an encyclopedia of everything, it failed. After some period of time, Wikipedia attempted the same goal with a different approach and they succeeded. Wikipedia is a site which can be updated by various experts across the world. It is flexible. It allows for a large number of people to share their knowledge.

Willingness to share knowledge for free, – what a beautiful way to contribute to human evolution. Coming back to Love 1.0. Love 1.0 will be like a scripture. Unlike religious scriptures, this can or must be upgraded with time. This will bring world order. This will not comprise any religion. All the rituals in religion that create a bond between people, make us more human can be taken to an individual level. The reason to serve unprivileged will not be out of fear of GOD or to praise GOD, it will simply be for your own true nature of being human.

All rules and orders can be questioned, voted and upgraded by people. Love 1.0 will contain, what is right, wrong, punishment, human rights, every other aspect which as of now is controlled by Constitutional policies – developed by Politicians and priest for their own benefits. 

As a general public, we do not expertise in many areas of public rights. Following a study that proves ‘majority can be wrong at many times’, a question arises: how can this method represent educated decision? Here is the solution: The decision-makers team MUST consist of the most rational people in the world. A LIVE test must be conducted in public to elect the team member. Here, the test means the activities, not just on paper. Apart from that, Voters can be the field experts and the general public. However, the voting points will be allotted to Expert’s votes may be more than the public votes. A policy for engineering firms will be decided by Engineer in a forum. A policy for insurance will be decided by commerce and statistician experts. Well, you may ask what is the existing method?

Well, no idea, as they never come openly and explains themselves in public, they just build the policy. If they publish, the writings of these people are beyond common man understanding. The words become twisted and misused at the hearing of a case.

In my opinion, To create peace in the world and move into the direction of Interstellar exploration and finding answers to the bigger question of our existence, we must first bring order and work together on the same goal directly and indirectly.

Here is the recipe:

  1. Create a website that includes the forum pages for an individual field.
  2. Create a question on various topics, and let people answer it.
  3. Once the question is answered, voted, and analyzed, it must be included in Love 1.0 scripture.
  4. Publish a hard copy of the transcript
  5. Promote with slogans like impression on the t-shirt-
    I don’t belong to any religion, I follow Love 1.0 “.
  6. Blend with biggies like Google, Tesla to bring clarity, transparency and scaling.
  7. Keep improving, take it to National / State level.
  8. Repeat step 4.

Well, this is still very vague. This is just an idea. To give this idea its physical form will be a big deal. The hard work and organisation are required to implement just an idea.

Go Ahead… 
Popularize Love 1.0.
Someday, this may be a reality…