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The Center of Gravitycentre-of-gravity

The Center of gravity toy is designed to teach how the center of mass of an object shifts from one point to another. The center of mass moves as we modify the shape of an object. Adjust the load to balance the toy on a tip. Play the balancing competition with these elephant toys, make it stand firm on its tail, trunk or leg.


Atom PlateAtom plate.png

The Atom plate consists of three color beads, a periodic table & a rule sheet. A student reads the rule and keeps arranging the beads as instructed. Also, the Atom plate allows you to see atom in a 3D view.


4D hologram4d-hologram

The 4D hologram works on the projection of light frequency. It demonstrates how studied concepts are utilized in making a significant product. A smartphone is required along with this kit to project. It gives a sense of hologram technology, which will be the important useful gadget in future.


Flight Board2

Flight Board & Marble Maze

This is a 2 in 1 fun play game for kids, inspired by dart board. A flight board gives the fun of dart board and makes it more challenging along with making it safer for kids and saving your back wall getting damaged because of mis-hits. Learn flight paths, design aspects, and mathematical standardization method. Challenge your friend to play with marble and reach from a point to a destination without fall.


Geo BoardGeoBaord

Mater the language of geometry. Use stretch band to form various shape. The pictorial representation of shapes using multiple senses altogether helps to understand the hard wired topics of geometry such as finding Area, Perimeter, and characteristics of similar shapes.



Dice Calendar Puzzle

This is a puzzle calendar. Each dice has 6 sides. How would you write numbers on its sides so you can get all numbers from 01 to 31? A great piece of art & innovation. It makes your day more effective by reminding you today’s date. Get one and you don’t need to buy a calendar every year.


Telescope Stand.png

Tabletop Telescope stand

Flexible, easy to use table-top telescope stand provides 360-degree rotation on XY plane and 90-degree rotation on the Z axis.


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