Nature is the Artist of incredible Designs – We inspire her Art.

The Microcontroller is the most important component supported by a wide variety of hardware tools. We assist you in Research & Development of full-fledged product design.

From Selecting the right sensor To Quality Product design
with incremental design features.

Embedded Design

Advanced RISC machine (ARM) is the first reduced instruction set computer RISC processor.

Almost every smartphone, tablets, along with most of the advance industrial controllers today runs on an ARM-based processor.

We Expertise in:

  • Sensor Interface Circuit Design
  • Peripherals Communication Protocol
  • User Interface
  • Firmware Development
  • Hardware Schematic Design
  • Prototyping

Sensor Interface


Schematic Design


Manufacturing Services:

Firmware Debug

Root-Cause Analysis

Fault Finding


Testing Setup:

IC Testing

Module Testing

PCB Testing

Peripheral Testing

Calibration Setup:

Load Cycle