Analog Species

The spinal cord of most of the Animals on Earth is not straight as compared to Humans. They don’t look up the sky as we do. Our ancestor started their journey of curiosity, science, literature, communication by interpreting the position of celestial objects.

The development has given human a precious companion, we call it Machines. We are surrounded by a gazillion number of machines. In all these machines one of the best is this computer itself. It is amazing to see a text writing on my screen with the click of a few buttons. Our Digital world has achieved such a great number of milestones in the last 30 years which we could only imagine in dreams and fiction stories.

It is necessary to understand how the digital world grew so fast? It is because of an amazing language in which only two letters existed, 1 and 0. Given enough number of bits, all forms of language, all expressions of images, calculation of 20 x 20 matrix, the extreme level of complexity can be described by just these two letters.

All forms of Electronics understand the voltage and current nut nature does not allow us to precisely estimate this voltage and current. Because of this nature’s constraints, we had to adapt the language of 1’s and 0’s. What if we never had invented or adapted this language? What if we’d continued the electronics with voltages and currents.

Let’s do a thought experiment:

Imagine you want to send a message consisting of a few sentences. Each word can be represented with a different voltage level. Just by reading the voltage at other ends of electronics we could have interpreted the actual message. Sounds right? No! Well, I have skipped a whole lot of stuff, assuming ideal case. Here comes to twist. Voltage and Current values are real numbers, which mean 1.0 could be 1.01 or 1.09 or 1.0034 etc. and 1.00003 could be an actual  1.000031 or 1.00003055 or 1.00000025 etc. You get the idea. It is impossible to predict precisely. What is the solution? To avoid misreading the data we