Vina ring of understanding

In a few cultures and languages, the word ‘depression’ doesn’t exist. These people do not know anything about depression then? They do not understand or try to understand even if such feelings get into their life. They simply ignore it with a lack of awareness.

Five years back, I thought knowledge is the greatest essence of this universe one can acquire in this life. One day, I was scrolling through my social media page and heard the news of a terror attack. The pictures were devastating. People were sharing the incidents and were praying for goodness and mercy. I showed the images to my mom. She got worried for a few minutes and then she turned away saying don’t want to see this stuff.

She had lived a life in which her husband, family members and her kid is everything. She only has one ambition, seeing her kids being happy and raising family. Her world includes a few gossiping women in neighbouring locality and relatives. It was easy for her to not know the problem in the first place.

Awareness of a ‘Problem’ is oftentimes a reason for unhappiness. Once you refuse to acknowledge a given situation is a problem, it is already solved. Acceptance of its existence is the first step of worrying.

Refusing depression exist in your brain will not make you happy. However, what if you are convinced enough that such a thing does not even exist. My brain is not suffering from depression but something beyond humanity can understand. The word ‘Depression’ is just a name given by human to a condition which they do not understands. These overwhelming feelings may be a certain connection between the parallel world to my brain tickling. There might be a certain probability that you may feel happy reading this. I haven’t done any research nor do I have any statistics to support this. I just feel, convincing a brain about its existence may resolve it or at least make us feel lighter.

Let me elaborate via Thought Experiment.

I believe in GOD exist. I believe he will do good for me. He is wise, and have plans for everything. Here, by accepting his existence I am relying on him for good thing happening or will happen in my life. If a situation will come to a bad end then I will pray for wellness.

Note, the situation may have gone bad because I might not have taken the right choices in my life or I might have implemented my right choices in the wrong way. Unaware of my mistakes where I went wrong, I start praying. I have no clue how to correct my past mistakes so I start praying. I am certain and convinced that there is no other way to come out of a situation other than praying.

Any person who has been in infatuated love certainly knows that such magic almost never happen. Prayers are never been heard. One of my friend justified this as “GOD knows what best for you more than you”. I don’t agree!

What I think is certain action of mine and whoever involved lead me to this situation and the next action will determine where I will end up.

My point is refusing GOD’s existence, I will analyze my situation and will try to rectify my problems and take corrective measures. Relying on him, praying will not solve my problems.

Let’s summarize it with a drama:

Ramesh: You are suffering from a depression
Suresh: No, I am not
Ramesh: Yes, you are.
Suresh: I am not depressed. I am just trying to figure out something. I haven’t found it yet. I am making efforts in that direction, will find it soon…
Ramesh: What is it that bothering you this much.
Suresh: I haven’t figured it out yet. Let me find out and then I can tell you more.

I am not saying you deny that you are depressed. Denial may make it worse. I am saying it doesn’t exist, it was invented by human. It is something else, which is not describable by words. It is not what people describe it is. It is not understandable.

We as a human can describe many things, such as emotions, feelings, expressions etc in words. There are certain things in life will always be left unsaid, not describable in words. It is so difficult to put those into words. There will always be a gap between a Perfect Machine and Human as a species.

I call this Vina ring. Feelings which can be observed and described in words as it can be imagined or you get the idea of its touch. A whole lot of things lies beyond Vina ring, invisible to the human experience of sharing and far from touch.


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