Purposeless Human

Letter to my fictional daughter.

Dear ——-,

Hi, I am your father. I am in my thirties and not married, and never have been in any relationship ever. I have lived my life almost in solitude. Well, I have a beautiful family with illogical problems. Ever since my childhood, this question has made me wonder, and at one point, thought was even suicidal. I lived so far, but couldn’t find the answer.

With the artistic and calculative mind, I was unfit in my school, even in today’s world. In 7th class, I made my stupidest accomplishment, topped in maths and fails disastrously in all other subjects, this surprised me and my teachers.

There is nothing like such a clear statement of how and what should I do in this life. My brain freezes and has now given up answering such stupid abstract questions.

Over time I have learned that the misery, tensions, every ambiguous situation in life ultimately add to our experiences. It is not just a situation and its solution, there lies more substances behind it. The brain chemicals work in some mysterious way, not resolved yet in 2019. We human trying to interpret a whole lot of things. We are failing more frequently but we have never ever given up on it. This misery in someway is a root of all creativity and the divine nature of the human as species.

‘THINKING’ it defines as ‘use one’s mind actively to form connected ideas’. The network of this connection is so vast, keeping track of each branch and node is an impossible task to achieve. We get lost a million times. The beauty of this network is branching connects us somewhere on the web. There is always a way to twist the future, no matter the circumstances.

There are a million imperfections within us, and in people we love. The egoist man makes the difference visible so easily. The calm personality attracts us, feels us comfortable even in our indifference, he let our thoughts to dwell in freedom. Be that type of girl. Always allow her to float, do not tie her, do not make restriction or boundaries.

It is so easy to fell for the belief of a mysterious power. It is very hard to be rational in personal life, you become cruel and insensitive. Don’t be that person. Being rational is the best, but understanding the very nature of our species and defining it out beyond the idea of words and sentences, let others be human, and be Human.

Don’t be afraid to take action when you feel for it. I have seen slipping long knocking opportunity at my doorsteps. I was too afraid to grab one. I was scared. Maybe I was assuming “what if?”, Maybe I didn’t know how to express, maybe I was too afraid to admit my own feelings. Whatever excuses I have given myself, it wasn’t worth it.

Philosophy is as interesting as life, but don’t dive too deep in anything. In Chanakya’s quote ” अति किसी चीज़ की अच्छी नहीं होती, फिर वो कितनी भी अच्छी चीज़ हो |”

Move on……., Live, Love, Express, be human, be vulnerable, be excited in life. 


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