Walk with me…

hold my hand walk with me
hold my breath, open your mind, come talk with me
hold my hand, jump from the sky with me

when I get scared, hold me
so I know everything is alright with me.

before I fall apart, make a long hug to me
when I feel alone, please do fight with me

when I lost in my life, kiss me so I feel everything is alright with me.

I get down to hold my body on my knee
I have given you my heart
so you are now me

you pretend like you just don’t care
I love u so much you just don’t know my dear

come back to my life let’s have night walk with me,
wanna hear that line when we came back home tired
you said your life is just so complete with me.

life is about ups and downs
just stay with me
don’t be apart with me

hold my hand with love so I feel everything is alright with me.