Essence of Time

Time, one thing which is distributed by nature to every species equally. One of the key elements of the progress of civilization as a whole is the utilisation of time.

We think we waste most of the time in vain for unnecessary problems. Politics, social conflict, religion, survival, economy, these are some entities which force us to hide back in the backyard. The message is always unclear about the direction of evolution. All we know is we want to know more so we can connect the dots.

Physics is doing its job to understand this theoretically. Engineers are in play to design instrumentation to experiment these theories in real. There are still many missing links floating in the air to find by us.

The laziness paradox: The lazy people are a hard worker as they prefer finding things in a mess as compared to organized who is lazy to find things from mess so he spends more time in organizing. 

We sob about our life for wasting some precious years of our youth in doing things which were unnecessary and not achieving what we had desired. In any case, we find an excuse to blame time for our underachieved self.

How to utilize the time so we don’t regret it at the end? Spending time with loved once is more important or spending time on achieving things are more important?  Since we have a limited amount of time as a resource we can’t do everything. Somewhere we got to compromise. Where to? Time is of the essence. Well spend life means what? Question is unanswerable. When life’s Priorities, personalities, reality hits you, you take decisions accordingly. 

Physiological understanding of Time and it’s physics definition may vary widely, however, we will still want to know more about this. Keep digging, Someday, we’ll know how the essence of time is connected to the psychology of human.


The ultimate answer to many questions related to time is Live in the present’.


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