Fit-in Vs Original

The upper middle class and rich class which rarely admits their status but are not able to keep themselves surrounding by “Status” symbol.

Convenience is their Brand Name. Art is a piece of showcase, Literature does not have genre. It’s all twisted, until it gives them financial benefit or make them look as if.

The World where YOU are not YOU, Why?
Just to fit-in the social class called “Privileged”

Who don’t want to get Rich?
No one? What if (₹ x.xx) provides me enough luxury?

Why would I require (₹ x.xx + n* x.xx)?
Answer is simple, Insurance of Insecurity. No matter how rich a billionaire are, they are all insecure one or another way.

How Can I become part of this Class, called “Privileged”?

  • Be Cool,
  • Physically Attractive,
  • Etiquette,
  • Network,
  • Extrovert
  • Hype the Event
  • Show-off
  • . . . . . .

I am not convinced with your Privileged Definition”.

  • Laughing style changes respective to Person or Group
  • Have iPhone, Foreign Brand accessories, Designer Outfits
  • People, Thing, Senses – Everything is either Asset or Liability.
  • My Money – My Constitution! F**k with the Law & Order.
  • Own employee for maintaining your House.
  • Following Etiquette with friends / close relatives.
  • Sense of Thinking, but suppressed sensitivity of Feelings.
  • Empathetic people are depressed & their company is boring.
  • Hidden suppressed ambition of living an ordinary mediocre life.

Why Do I want to belong such Class?

  • It is attractive, glamorous, maybe in reality a Mirage in a desert.

In desperation of desire to achieve temporary glory, glamour, shiny living lifestyle, with luxury at convenience on finger tip, we forget being Original to our own Nature. Although we all belongs to the same branch of Darwin’s Tree of life, our DNA difference, our genetic environment, our upbringing in a society creates a unique identification of ourselves which is not numeric. This originality strives, suffers, suffocates in being human because we are so insecure about our own survival, our desperation to fit-in overtakes being true to our own Nature.

In such a society, the solitude is not luxury but embarrassment and sign of low-class or inferior company. The preference to fit-in the modern world is quite more valuable than being original to yourself. The fear of acceptance in society to maintain the hierarchy is what leads us to this.

Let’s Understand . . .

Part 1 : Industry Categorization

  • A ‘A industry‘ creates a product 1 which fulfills our necessity. e.g. Light Bulb.
  • A ‘B industry‘ creates a product 2 which is not necessary but gives more comforts to our Life. e.g. Sofa
  • A ‘C industry creates a product 3 which is neither a requirement nor necessity, but it gives pleasure to our 5 senses, e.g. Cosmetics
  • A ‘D industry industry creates a product 4 which was never a need, neither necessity, but became important through evolutionary process to Humans. e.g. Smart Phone.
  • A ‘E industry creates a product 5, sells PRIDE & Vanity to us rather fulfilling necessity or comforts. It is branded via Art, Advertisement, & #number of sources. It is expensive yet provide higher level of security to the creator in price of insecurities to its buyer. All this is to balance the status quo. e.g. iPhone.

“I am not a product” – I am a living body with emotions and some stupidity built in within my core originality. I am crazy, stupid, insecure, loony, jolly, shy, witty – I am imperfect! Whatever is my description in your judgement I must be true to my own nature, not lying and describing myself in terms of product I choose to live with.

Part 2 : Maslow’s Hierarchy

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs | Simply Psychology

Abraham Maslow in his 1943 research proposed a theory of human developmental psychology. Human desires to reach the peak of pyramid by taking stepping stone from Basic to Self-Actualization. Is reaching to the peak signifies that I am on Privileged class?

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines Self-Actualization as “to realize fully one’s potential”. Without being true to our own nature how can one utilize his full potential? How can one be creative with his fake identity?

Part 3 : Scene

  • A kid gets bullied for not being competitive, or being shy.
    – Our Response:
    ” हां बोलो, निचे देखो, ऐसे बैठो, खुश हो जाओ, रोने लगो . . . “
    ” Say yes, look down, sit like this, be happy, start crying . . . “

  • A villager comes into the city – talks aloud on a phone call
    Our Response:
    “Don’t you have manners”, Disturbed. etc. . .

In Imtiaz Ali’s word,
“I feel that one’s most personal feelings end up
becoming a Tamasha (Pageant) in one’s life.”

The story described in words by Ranbir Kapoor in Tamasha Movie, written by Imtiaz Ali concludes my point to its Core.

Privileged or Not? Priority of lives need to be understood. Summing up:

  • Part 1: Industrial categorization sets differences in priority.
  • Part 2: Maslow’s hierarchy implies the priority of Humans, scientifically.
  • Part 3: Two example gives the picture of how we subconsciously forcing others to twist their originality.

Please be Rebellious enough to strive for being true to your own nature as such it does not harm others.


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