Request to Women

Dear Women,

I would like to request you grant humanity a wish, which only your heart is capable to offer.

Soon the time will become harder, the World will become cruel, more than ever. There are two reasons for that, one is soon natural resource will not be enough and survival will become harder, and second rising discrimination between humans in the name of religion and race.

In these times we will need you the most. I can’t think of any other way, the human can be saved.

In India, there is this famous proverb, all war that had happened in past was because of these three reasons:

  1. Jealousy ( जर )
  2. Wife ( जोरु )
  3. Property ( जमीन )

I do not know where this teaching comes from, but it may be true. However, there is one thing common in all three, that is Man’s EGO. It has been successful in past destroying millennia of future, goodness, and harmed other living species of Earth more than any other.

In 3000 years of established civilization, almost 100 % of problems existed because of Man’s EGO. Well, this number is just my opinion. If you can counter this, I would like to know more.

“I am superior to them” 

What a small sentence to destroy whole humanity! I am born in this religion so I am superior and they are born in that religion so they are inferior……. I am the majority, I can do whatever…… You are a minority, you should live in limits decided my Majority….. If I will be powerful enough then I will show you the right my way…..

…… and Endless such extension of the same expression.

Image result for patriotism PLANT

Few men, not manly enough had shown the mirror to these pride people in the past. They were somehow successful for a short period of time, then this EGO raised again, and will keep rising in future. But, soon goodness of Man will be corrupted, and they will be powerless to control this EGO.

I would like to request you to please learn and adapt as many attributes of Man. While copying those, please don’t become EGOist yourselves. In the time of crises, only those EGO-less women will save humanity from extinction.

Please BE ORIGINAL to your thoughts and goodness. Do not let that pure, caring, loving and soft nature of yours corrupted by any means. Please do not participate in a race where your competition is an egoist man. Please fight and stand for that goodness inbuilt within you.

In Emma Watson words, “. . . . and I do think that there are other ways that we could live and be. And beyond that, I think we deserve it, we have to demand it, we have to believe that it’s possible. We have to believe in that world, it can’t be a utopia.”

I understand that because of this very true nature, Man had exploited you for more than 2000 years but this very nature of you will be our only hope in times of rebuilding this civilization.

————-  The End  ——————-


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