Awareness – The travelling mat to the universe.

On October 2016, I was really depressed about the choices of my life and I took an advice from my dearest mentor and registered to Vipassana center for organizing my thoughts.

Lately, I was sitting idle, thinking of the Vipassana Meditation. There is a really interesting phenomenon I have observed, but not experienced. I think this form of meditation may lead human to discover what life is all about. It is a simple technique can be described in one word, Awareness!

For example, try following,
Find a nice and comfortable place. Sit comfortably. Now keep your eyes closed and try focusing all your concentration on the senses around your nose.  Do you feel etching, some kind of tingling sensation, can you feel the air coming out passing through nostril skin? Do you feel the air passing through the skin, can you sense the hotness? It doesn’t come at one attempt. Your mind will keep diverting from this, all you have to do is to come back and try focusing again. This is just a stepping stone, the big picture is much more interesting.

As there are many ways to perform meditation, I guess this is more powerful than anything else as it doesn’t require any form of dependencies.

There is no way of online or direct learning. I can’t teach here. It requires tuning the level of variables in you and around you to achieve that.

Coming to our imaginative or thought experiment.

Imagine if you can aware yourself about the changes happening in your body all the time. For example, maybe we can sense the skin cell of my hand are dying and a new one is forming at a specific location at present instant of time. Note I am talking about a unit cell, not tissue. By doing this meditation for sufficient time this can be achieved for sure.

Here is the extension and thought experiment comes, what if you can sense the atomic movement of your body cells at any instant of time and at any place. This seems miraculous, that we can find how our body works. We may know many of the anatomical and physiological action taking place. But the big question is the Brain, how does that work? If we can sense the neurons flow and track it from beginning to the end of its life, we may find something all humanity is looking for. That is the answer to How the brain works?

This is the beginning of a revolutionary step. We can further go subatomic, and more depth. We can unravel the mysteries of the universe by knowing how does that function. The paradox of this experiment is that it might be the individual reality, Experiences of people differ in this form of meditation. I have very less clue of how this experiment’s correlation function can be found. Also, what are the consequences of observing these atoms or subatoms consciously? Will uncertainty principle be still valid? The physics of this sensation could be way beyond our imagination.

It requires an immense amount of focus and time to attempt that stage of Meditation.  However, if a mass of people are involved and the experiment even statistically gives some output then it is worth to try. Knowing the function is one and understanding is another thing, re-channelizing this knowledge in a required direction is awe-inspiring.

Possibilities are gigantic, like we may cure any form diseases if we can access the root of the cause using this meditation and may form the desired changes in our body to make it work, or maybe we can trigger the superhuman within us.

The purpose of this article is to encourage my fellow scientist to initiate an action in this direction, so we can either disprove or enhance this area of science.



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