Let’s Read this:

  • “I don’t Know!” ,
  • “Is it my BELIEF or a FACT driven by cause & effect.”
  • “It’s OK!” ,
  • “Let’s figure this out.”,
  • “I could be wrong or ill-informed.”,
  • “Let’s read and learn more about this.”,
  • “What if this had happened to me?”,
  • “I’m sorry!”,
  • “Let’s agree to disagree.”. . .

These are some exclamatory and affirmative sentences. Exercising these into our routine would make our Earth a better place not only for human but also for every living species.

How often we apply these words?

Scientific Temperament

The balance between cognitive development and social peace is necessary to enlighten our society. We must accept the facts rather belief; respect the disagreed opinion; understand the difference; Be righteous with minimum bias.

Technology is taking leap every second year. Humankind is evolving faster than ever, so is the conflicts between us. Love & Peace are becoming as important as existence.

Why not upgrade our thinking as such we do not become outcast neither lose our originality creating harmonious life for all.

Whoopee Mathematics

Does math perspires your children or you? Well, the language of universe, Mathematics is hard to grasp. However, mixing it with toys makes mathematics a playground of numbers.

The strategic combination of Colors, Toys, Art, Play along with Fun makes mathematical core concepts easy to grasp and apply.

The big picture of Math language inspire kids to contribute in understanding of extensibility and existence of our causal universe.

Aquaint with your new best Friend – Mathematics.