Ocean Metaphor

Your Happiness is as brittle and delicate as sheer glass. Your Hopes and Dreams are bigger than your abilities can permit. Your Heart is as beautiful as pearls in the ocean. Once in a century, there lives a pure heart in the form of a human, like yours.

Your Smile is as if giving clues to ‘Purpose of life’. Your Eyes are bright and shining as if a  ray of sun is reflecting rainbow from a water drop.

Thoughts are messier than chaos in the cosmos. Tears are as wasted as the abundance of space in the universe. The beauty of mathematics and love of science dives in your Inner core.

The echo of your Breath is creating music out of a mountain and sky. The song is still unknown but music is beating in sync with your Heart.

Coincidence is your enemy, Fantasy is your friend, Rebel is your nature and a blank dice is your Destiny.

Fit-misfit, dos-don’ts, yes-no, the answer is never either-or. Your DNA speaks the language of entropy. In this Era of Romanticism, only innocent love is pure. Maturity impures that part of your Sole Nature.


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