History & Scientific Temperament

Why Alexandra could not rule India ?
A great person Chanakya made his leading advisor realize that what Alxendra the great seeking was not Conquest to become great, it had become exploitation to his own people and his ruled places. It had no more about goodness’ but had became his own people’s and other nation’s suffering in the greed of Victory & Fame.

How British were successfully colonized India for 190 years?
They also exploited our Ground people as much as our own Raja (राजा), Mukhiya (मुखिया) & Ministers. However, they brought more opportunities, like schools, sanitary system, Trains, Vehicles, First Newspaper, English Language, Literature and N numbers of facilities felt worthy to the society. But how they win over? They took advantage of established greedy, corrupted, elitism in India to win over to their favorable conditions.

A villager was happy with if his small amount of tax deduced. Elites were happy if their elitism were maintained by exploitation using strata system.

Then Why British had to leave India?
Indians became too Rebellious towards the idea of exploitation of people by British in the name of feeding the greed of strata based system. It is mother Earth’s nature or Mother India’s grace that it has given birth to people like Bhagat Singh, Chandrasekhar Azaad, Rajguru, and million others to fight for the rights. It was too much rebelliousness against British, that they couldn’t handle. They had no option other than to leave. However, we should not take pride in abduction of British. We should think in terms of what difference had we achieved after they were gone? What was the purpose for abduction? Has it been fulfilled? If not, then Why? In a biography of Bhagat singh, it implies that his Rebel nature was not out for Malice, Hatred, Anger, but of pure scientific in nature.

Our first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s ideology differed from Bhagat Singh but he also realized the importance of Scientific Temperament in Indian society which is filled up with superstition and stereotype even in modern times. This was the main reason he focused more on establishing Institutions like IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology), the CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research), the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, the National Physical and Chemical Laboratories, the AIIMS (All India Institutes for Medical Sciences), and many other such institutions all over India. He knew that mere constitutions and rules can not progress India in the global times. Institution and its expertise were the only hope to well ingrained the scientific temperament to the root of Indian society and culture.

How Mughal win Over such a big country India ?
Our emperors did not rebel the idea of exploitation of people, why? They themselves were doing the same kind of ruling. Our in-home rulers acquired more profitable deals against selling their cultural values to Mughal. Again, here greed of elitism has caused us more suffering. Before Mughal, the hunters were in thousands, after Mughal times, hunters increased in number and their hunting machines became more powerful. Although there are more exception where merging of culture originated diverse ideas, upbringing the rights of the people as whole. However, only few such cases could succeed in empowering the nation. In most of the cases both in-home exploiters and outside exploiters fought with each other for the sake of POWER, not for the rights of the community’s growth and empowering democracy.

Why Mughal were more successful?
They exploited as much as our Indian leader (Panchayat / Raja / Ruler ) but they schemed the values to their people. They brought Art, Literature, Infrastructure, Architecture, Administration, and more opportunities to Indians to globalize their aptitude. They did not looted like British, but invested hugely in India.

Why Mughal stayed?
We Indian became more tolerant and accepted the love and pain they brought with them were as similar to us. We felt linked. We didn’t resist. We did not Rebel. We were as haunted by authoritarian as much as Mughal people.

With all given History learned in school, college, literature we were never taught to understand the root cause of the problem and its solution, so it does not repeat in future. It is just rote learning, meaningless in its essence.

There are Hundreds of questions unanswered:

  • Why we all are not equal?
  • Why there is jealousy in the differences of strata & class?
  • Why human commit crime?
  • Why one group of people take advantage of other?
  • Why suppression in the name of whatever?
  • Why we are not free like bird and animal?
  • Why we have to earn and pay for basic needs such as food, and shelter? Animal not intelligent don’t do that?
  • We are educated, call ourselves most intelligent species on earth, we have to suffer for survival more than any other species, despite having ability to utilize the abundant natural resources for self while still preserving the nature at its essence? Why?

What Scientific Temperament Teaches us ?
In all of the above scenario – exploitation of common people, in modern terms poor and middle class is not new. Why such things happen?

Scientific Temperament teaches us to rationalize the problem and solve using science & technologies, do not fight or impose!. It teaches us to argue, debate and come to the solution beneficial to society as whole in terms of social and scientific justice. In summary,

I want to build a society free from religious contingency, and all conditions, where a true Rebel is respected for his rebelliousness.

Just raising questions are not good enough, Answers are more important.
For all the questions raised above, unified into one question:

Why we do not Rebel, if we do, we fails to apply Scientific Temperament.
Answer: We have to Rebel following Scientific Temperament

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