Foam Art

The paper and cardboard are difficult to model without assistance. This led designers to adapt the thermocal sheets for decorations in festival. The Foam is a new material which combines the aesthetics and easiness of designing. The flexibility of colorful foam allows us to implement aesthetics, robustness and sturdiness in art & craft with ease.

The Foam Art workshop enhances shaping the creativity of children from :

Indigenous Idea -> Model Art -> Creative Product

Calendar Puzzle
Daily Calender.pngThe puzzle calendar. Can you make all 31 numbers with just two dice?line1

Telescope stand Wood

Telescope Stand.png

Unique design for Standing Telescope. 360-degree Azimuth & 240-degree Altitude.line1

Foam clock


Foam Stationary box, Doll House, Foam Ludo, Foam Snakes & Ladder
Foam Mobile Keep, Photo Frame, Foam Cards,

Foam Puzzle: Anatomy, Picture, Scientist, etc