About us

Avinamaurya.com Welcomes you

A new born kid is a most curious species of the world. As he become a grown up adult, he adapts many traits of society and influence others with his own creation.

We nurture this indigenous curiosity, out of the box thinking, uncommon, and yet revolutionary to direct the future generation technologies.

The Principles of our Organisation:

  • Educate – Scientific temperament workshop, craft, Foam Art.
  • Learn & Play – Workshop, PPT design, Aesthetics, 
  • Apply – Research Scientist of Engineering World.

Avinamaurya develops & promote learning toys. These unique toys are designed to embed the conceptual knowledge into real life application.

Through various practical experiences, we have found that the ‘Application of Knowledge gives students a Sense of Satisfaction. It motivates them to develop & innovate.

We understand that the hands-on and activity based pedagogies develop scientific temperament. It involves multiple senses to work all together to build critical thinking & understanding ideas from various perspectives.