One Fold Craft


One Fold craft explores learning craft with least resources. One fold craft explores how one can create craft version of vehicles, home, and toys with just a few folding, require the least amount of labor and resources. One Fold craft is an innovative smart way of learning craft.

It further explores the engineering and design problems in real practical situations.

Class: 2 to 6

Paper craft has been proved as a cost effective approach for modelling the civil architecture, plant manufacturing, city planning, even in area utilization in space research. In recent trends digital technologies are taking over simulating the precision architecture. However, The craft approach (3D) has still been an intuitive and effective approach.

A model-centered approach in all branches of Engineering & Science helps us to emulate the multidimensional design. It allows us to rethink on designing and direct us to achieve our goal efficiently.

Enhance your ability learning the effective utilization of
Cost, Time, Resources, Risk, Quality, and Scope.