Navnirmiti Eduquality

Navnirmiti was born in the mass science popularization campaign of the total solar eclipse of 1995. The surplus from the production and sale of low cost, high-quality solar filters was the seed fund for registering the Navnirmiti Trust with the objectives of

  • Promoting scientific approach and rational thinking
  • Universalization of quality math and science education
  • Providing viable decent employment, especially to women
  • Self reliance as a mode of existence
  • Promoting the values of the Indian constitution

Navnirmiti is dedicated to acquiring, developing, innovating, producing and disseminating high quality, low cost/no cost (LCNC) learning methods, tools and systems to bring about the universalisation of elementary mathematics and science skills and competencies. Navnirmiti (NN) conducts a number of mutually complementary activities to achieve the above objective. Navnirmiti reaches all those who otherwise would not have access to a good education.


The trust adopted the motto of “Quality for Equality”. In subsequent years the team at NN has innovated several learning tools and toys such as Jodo 3 d polyhedral kit,, the Mathemat, the Experimath kit, Navrang puzzle, multiplay daytime astronomy kit, magic mirror, ball and mirror solar projector, sundial, geo-Synchron, nano solar system, etc. Navnirmiti’s products have earned a reputation for being both highly effective and affordable. They are in use all over India and also abroad.

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