autumn-wreath-circle-frame-182408.jpgVina Ring of Understanding

In a few cultures and languages, the word ‘depression’ doesn’t exist. These people do not know anything about depression then? They do not understand or try to understand even if such feelings get into their life. They simply ignore it with a lack of awareness.

Five years back, I thought knowledge is the greatest essence of this universe….. Read More

mother-and-son-stylized-silhouette-outlined-sketch-vector-4846202Request to Women

Dear Women,

I would like to request you grant humanity a wish, which only your heart is capable to offer.

Soon the time will become harder, the World will become cruel, more than ever. There are two reasons for that, one is soon natural resource will not be enough and survival will become harder, and second rising discrimination between …. Read More

family-2643071_1280-1.png आज़ादी दिवस – भारत और पाकिस्तान

बेवजह ताकत के जोश और जूनून में दुश्मन बन बैठे है…
दोस्त होते तो इंसानियत में सतरंगी रंग भर देते |

अज्ञान भीड़ ही तो राज-काज की एकमात्र ताकत है
न विचार में उसके ज्ञान है, ना वाणी में मधुरता है |

इक माचिस उसने तेरे सामने रख दी है
जिज्ञासा की उत्सुकता में, उसे अनुमान से तुमने भर दी है

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A new religion: “Love 1.0”

The Global Peace Index is a numbering system indicates how peaceful a country is. You can compare the data that the Atheism is directly related to peace. To understand this better it is necessary to understand ‘What is peace?’ In my opinion, acceptance of the indifference between us.

If you belong to a group of people who starts your day listening to News TV / Paper in the morning, I am sorry, you will not be able to create a sense of peace even in your family. …. Read More