365 Days 365 Ways

   The time has changed drastically from the nineties to 21 st century. Students are becoming smarter. Engaging students in a classroom is a real challenging job. It requires more than just teaching. Although there are many ways a topic or a subject can be made interesting to students, most effective is none. It is not about the pedagogies students are more interested in or it is neither a specific pedagogy that teachers are most comfortable with.

   Through experimenting with the various class, grades & regions of students, we have found that it is not that one or more pedagogies which are more effective than the other. It is the change in pedagogies that keeps students engaged. If an approach is not changing from time to time, there is a feeling of monotonousness. What requires is to cut off this monotonousness.

But a big question is How?
Well, there is a good news! We are Presenting

365 Days 365 Ways


Book is Launching on 15 April 2021