Science & Literature

I recently attended a session on meditation and bought a book on the steps that have been followed. Reading the translated version of Sanskrit scriptures, I observed, it has introduced many of the adjectives that have been used to describe it. The meaning of those adjective words in Hindi is little different in 21st century compared to the actual meaning of its origin.

I realized that so many words have lost their original meaning by time and become something else. As I read on other language literature I found the same pattern. The words which have been mentioned in the ancient literature implies something different than we ought to understand it in today’s time.

If the original meaning of those words is known we would interpret those ancient works of literature quite differently. The kind of revelation and knowledge that would bring might or might not be astonishing. However, we could learn from it. These books have been written and lost their way around somewhere. they could regain their values and may lead us on a path of understanding the humanity better.

I do realize that many of the writings of the ancient literature are just a false interpretation and trying to teach something misleading which is scientifically not correct. However, there are some pieces of information that are valuable. These pieces are not just valuable in the sense of knowledge but also to gives the impressions of what has caused such knowledge even to exist in those periods of times.

One such misleading knowledge we all have come across throughout our times is the concept of a ‘God’. There are many ancient scriptures which interprets some unknown cause of that time as mysterious, we should not link it to the God. We should not ignore the fact that even the great writers of those times were imprisoned by the limited resources and their imagination.

In any scientific community, there is this idea that a fact is true in the sense if it’s conditional repetitions gives the same outcome every time. If the result fails even once, it is then a better statistical description, not a fact. However, if the result fails often then it is not even a real statistics. It is not a pure science. We can not come to the conclusion unless we find all the conditioning that makes our result true for infinite repetitions. This idea was somewhat applied in this ancient literature but not in the complete sense. It has found that conclusions were drawn even in the failure of the repetitions and some bizarre explanation given for those failed results.

The facts like Evolution, Big bang theory, even Vaccination ha! ha! has been proved through numerous experiments and there are many of the evidence that supports a certain truth. Unless we found one such incident that disproves above, we are also as blind as our ancestors. However, once there appears sufficient and valid evidence then we must not remain glued to the old ideas and beliefs. Humanity should move on.

The sad story is that the humans haven’t moved on from the idea of religion, color, race, and god. We have glued to it.

The day we have only one religion “Human”. This species can achieve a thousand milestones in a blink of an eye.