Privilaged Parents

Every individual in today’s era, as a parent, playing a role of a pushing machine. It is not a bad role. The sad part is, it takes to become a grand-parent to end it.  As a parent I want my child to have, the best education, excellent in studies, excel in college, earn well, respected in a society, and have a happy family – relations

Let’s see as a child what major expectation does he have from parents, love & pamper them, tasty & yummy food, have N number of toys, purchase what they like, in mistakes – teach them! instead of scolding, and no studies just play with them all day along.

Children are more of a greedy, so we learn their likes and dislikes through time. We ought to lure them with something they like to find our way. It works for most of us.

In early independence time, literature was the most respected discipline and recognized as geniuses of their time. then as industrialization began, Engineers and Doctors were considered as a huge milestone in one’s career. These qualifications were fulfilled almost all above expectation of parents. It became a trend for some time until the 21st century kicked in. Entertainment, journalism, and wide career choices are available as of now. However, the literacy rate in our country is still disappointing. It turns out, the basic matriculation education is not sufficient to earn well and achieve career hierarchy.

With the pressure of becoming our child best amongst the classmates, the parents are trying new ways to keep the children engaged in studies and productive activities. The schools have started taking the innovative approach towards their duties in the best possible way, not leaving any child behind the door of excellence. Let everyone have the opportunity and let’s give everyone the platform to showcase their talent and choose what best suits them.

In this race of competition and being the best of best, and creating the best of best schools are becoming more of a business model than sensible education. I am not an expert who understands the meaning of ‘Sensible’ in great detail. However, the use of this word here is to emphasise the level of ‘Empathy’, contribution to the social cause. There are thousands of active CSR projects and hundreds of NGOs runs by privileged society. They waste a whole lot of money in self-organising than actually contributing usefully to ground level.