Question to the God’s People

A few years back, I was in a leadership training workshop. I was asked what social movement I would like to make in this world to make it a better place.

As an engineer, I have always been curious about various stuff, like how things work?  The most challenging and best part is the mathematics of how things work around us, from machine to disasters. But this time question was on the social cause. I had given a thought about this and said, “I want to spread Atheism“. The moment I spit those words, I felt an unusual resistance around me. People were not agreeing with my ideology of spreading Atheism as a ‘good social cause’. I felt bad. I wondered what’s so bad about it?

In time, I learned few lessons about faith and willpower. I come to realize the answer lies in asking questions till I reach to the origin of my problems with the world following religion and me wanting to spread Atheism.

I have been given answers to many of Dharmas and Karmas related questions, very few of them felt satisfying to what I wanted to ask about, remaining confused me even more.

I would love to believe in God, follow the path of faith, and be happy in peace but not until I get my answers. Today, I want to ask those religious leaders below questions.

  1. Why the religious leaders do not publish their findings?
  2. Why they do not conduct the experiment which proves their accord?
  3. What’s the basic goal of being a leader? Why do you need material convenience?
  4. How do you assure the ancient literature originality & translation is veritable? 
  5. Why the creation at first place? What is the proof that validates your answer?
  6. Entire laws of nature are mathematical as per human understanding, Why?
  7. Why these leaders cannot claim anything in writing and get legal?
  8. If God really wanted us not to question his existence, why would he give us the intelligence first place?
  9. Why creation of Species? If Darwin’s natural selection is wrong then what is right, and where are those evident?
  10. Why God exist?
  11. Why Human exist?
  12. Why intelligence exist?
  13. If we know the answer, why would one not resolve the sufferings of innocent?
  14. Why species other than Human do not pray?
  15. Why God wants to be praised?
  16. Why am I so feared of his existence than to feel soothe?
  17. Why there is a punishment for wrongdoing instead of directing in a situation?
  18. What existed before GOD? If nothing was there before GOD, How come GOD exist out of NOTHING?

Comment your questions to ask the authorities. 


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