A GOOD Rebel

Hello Ms. Pessimist,

In my observation, I have many words to describe your personality, but I am not going to use the word “Aquarius”. This will be too superstitious of me.

Logic defines you but rebellious nature of yours takes over. I hope you are aware of what is “Scientific Method”. I am a strong follower of it and willing to teach this to as many humans.

Read this if you are not: https://archive.org/details/in.ernet.dli.2015.218806/page/n9

If expertise says it, you refuse to believe it. You tend to have a blind belief of half-read. You live in suspicion of words. In search of “Is it true?” you oppose the very thing. You do not search for the truth but incline yourself to the facts supporting your biases.

I myself was and is a big pessimist. In time, I saw this very side of mine and learned that I could be wrong. The acceptance of a fact “I am a human, I can be wrong at more instances than I think” seems so true and obvious but too hard to grasp and implement in our lives.

In every story, you find negative. You are attracted to evil more than good. Why? Well, evil personalities have something appealing. You know what is it? It is that anger of a child you had buried to become a person. His rebel nature was suppressed and was forced to follow the herds. Please do not blame this to society, it was your choice to fit in.

I used the word “Logic” in my first sentence. This was just to impress upon your character. Logic is not your strong pursuit. You are more of an intuitive and superstitious person.

The TIME being Hulk and my rebel being a character of Loki had a fight as shown in a scene of a movie – The Avenger, Hulk smashing Loki. My very characteristic of the rebel was tested by time and it has shown me a mirror of my true face.


A professor was lecturing me about the letter “A”. I refused to believe that the letter is A, I being rebellion, called it B. In my vanity I replaced every “A” word of my textbook with “B”. Just try to read a page by actually doing this nonsense, nothing makes sense, isn’t it? A is an important Vowel, replacing it with B will create a devastating consequence to be in sync with the world. In case if you are successful enough to follow the vanity, you will always be an outcast, suffering from your own cause of action.

A rebellion with logic, who follows the scientific method, who conduces to see both sides of the coin, who follows evidence rather being in a bias of his own vanity, is a good rebel. He understands and follows a scientific temperament to be decisive. He respects the value of education.

Most important and least found characteristic of A GOOD Rebel is his learning doesn’t stop after university. He accepts the limits of his own knowledge. He finds depth analysis more appealing than impressively advertised persuading empty words.

In my Good rebel list, Bhagat Singh stands at the top.
For most people, his personalities are dictated as ‘He fought British for the independence of our country’.
For a pessimist,  He was the reason we got independence, not Gandhi and Nehru.
For Optimist, Gandhi helped in revolutionize the idea of Independence, Nehru institutionalised the needs of the constitution, Bhagat sets an example for British that what length we’d go for our independence. Everyone contributed their part. It was not a competition. Comparing the contribution of our historical legends is an insult to their principles, which is representative of our rich history & culture. Bhagat’s approach was scientific in its essence. It was not of anger, cast-off, or any malice against the British. It was goal-oriented. His own scientific temperament was pure and rational.


“More than any other nationalist of his times, Bhagat Singh stressed the importance of being rational. He believed in ideological firmness and said, ‘Religion has no connection with the National Movement.’  Bold sentiments indeed, but very true. It is distressing to see that today Nationalism is being touted in the garb of religion and caste. This has resulted in fragmentation of society and in communal riots. Instead of insisting on religious instructions to our children, it would be better if we instruct them in the values of love and peaceful co-existence.”

The implication of this article in here is it’s relevance in modern times.

The optimist perspective in the above example is long, boring and seems unnecessary. This is the difference we seek but prefer to be judgemental by skipping paragraph and sentences that has meaningful inferences.

How do you judge yourself knowledgeable enough to comment on History?
My answer is “Do not judge”. Read as much if you want to seek the truth but do not conclude at half-read. In case if you are desperate to certify the character use Scientist approach instead of optimistic and pessimistic views.


A GOOD Rebel is revolutionary and his ideas and rational stands stronger than any malicious and immoral objectives. A GOOD Rebel is what we need to remind individual the values of being human and create peace in the world.


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