Extinction or New World

It has been more than 6 months since the first case of COVID 19 has been found in China. It is well known to us how this small, tiny virus has upheaval human lives.

The pain this pandemic has caused been described in words by Gulzar poetically:

We as human have hundreds of reasons to fight with each other. Well, Corona is now the new one, but have a different flavour than other sick & ridiculous reasons. Until 2020, human fought for Elitism, Power, Racism etc. All these reasons survived in our world because of the Civilization system of Capitalism (Monetary System).

In India, we have even more number of reasons, like Hindu-Muslim, India-Pakistan, Upper caste – Lower caste, Maratha – UP. I know you don’t believe me. Well, look at the number of politicians raised in power following the past 30 years. Almost everyone has a unique discrimination record. Human as being so-called, ‘Most Intelligent Species of Earth‘ just need an excuse to fight for, doesn’t matter how irrelevant it is for the civilization as a whole. Although politics plays a wide role in initiating the fight, We as human gets influenced not for rights or any selfish act, it is all basically fighting for our differences. In simple words,

Why are we not alike Identical?

Following the evolution tree of species, any living organism tries adapting to the eco-system to survive. The suffering in the process of survival makes species stronger and to take over the other species within the evolution tree. The natural selection has a job to balance the eco-system and survival of species. If a species hurts the ecosystem, nature penalizes them accordingly.

As per the scientific community suggestions, we should be in isolation from each other until we found remedies to vanish the entire SARS Virus from the roots of Earth. However, as capitalists & politicians suffering the loss in their investments (Specifically Financial) are suppressing the Egalitarianism, and taking advantages of poor, inferiors, and ordinaries.

Referring to the HIV researches, we found that in gene pool the viruses population changes over time, and may evolve by natural selection. The random mutation within the host body may harm or benefit the virus evolution. What if it gets benefitted and become stronger? What if by the time vaccine arrives, Covid-19 had already been evolved enough to combat the vaccines? What if this exponential growth become more rapid?

Given the current situation worldwide, the financial stability of developing and underdeveloped countries has already been collapsed. The further stupid pandemic decisions of government worldwide will break the foundation of civilisation.

Capitalist’s Civilisation doesn’t include Unity & Equality word in their dictionary. Therefore, slavery, slaughter, poverty, violence, abuse, forced labour, human rights exploitation are inevitable. Ethics and morality are already in depression in India. I am not trying to be pessimistic here. I am worried about the exploitation of scientific temperament and rising stupidity of irrational science.

Although I belong to the scientific community, I am not a scientist myself. However, it feels amazing to wonder if Nature has created this virus to heal its own eco-system.

There are many ways we can tackle the post-pandemic era. However, the resource-based economy (Project Venus) seems perfect and ideal for current and future time, where Unity & Equality stands in bold letters on the first page of its Dictionary.

This seems a huge, bigger than huge, extreme step but worth the growth of humanity as a whole. The world needs this. True Equality can be achieved if and only if the differences in the human is not numerically describable. This eliminates differences such as Class, Elitism, Exploitation etc.

The differences in the belief system will be disastrous in any civilized system. The second most important parameter Unity can be achieved building scientific temperament in the system.

The COVID -19 pandemic may pass in time if scientist will ever invent the Vaccination or medicine within time. Researchers all over the world are working consistently over the clock. The current technology is although limited, it is the only hope to rely on, and it will be only unwise not hold on to their suggestions.

Meanwhile, the question remains :

Will we survive this pandemic?
Human will become extinct standing to the idea of Capitalism?

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If ever in the evolution, another intelligent species evolves, they will LAUGH hard knowing we became extinct for such a foolish idea.

The belief system of Human will be a fiction entertainment
Inequality in Human will be considered as an idea of stupid species.

– – – The End – – – 


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