Careless Individual

The era of individualism – demands for more, is too independent, pride, because of which disconnected from each other. Interdependencies are in decline. Our societies demands more and work less. We have many unrecognized revolutionary people who are burning within. There are many who are not able to sleep well at night due to cursed politics around them. There are more individuals who do not care but never take a step behind making complaints.

It’s a shameful society I am living in. Looking around, I still can’t answer whether science is a boon or bane in our society. It takes a hard workmanship to build a technology and reach the masses. but as Heisenberg said “And I made a sad discovery that men of weak or pathological character can inject their twisted political passions even into scientific life.”

The WhatsApp university’s graduates, dying journalism, dead voices, careless morality, religious extremist ideology, justified violence’s, keeps me awake at night. The inhumane behavior is a norm.

One individual may die for an idea, but that idea will, after his death, incarnate itself in a thousands lives. These words are giving hopes to billions of human, not one is motivated by it. It doesn’t matter as long as I am not in the loss. Sometimes even if I am in loss, all I can do is curse or soak my tears within. Helpless.

Think of a scientific invention, A technology that can check and keep a balance in a society. That do not discriminates between elites and penniless person. It’s a horrible idea for some. It’s a wonderful idea for most. But here is the twist. Those small number of people who doesn’t want that such a technology should be evolved are way good enough to convince a majority that their opinions are more valid than anything in the society.

In past these humans were convinced that holocaust was necessary, we call them Nazi not the Communist party of Germany. In future it will be Hindu, not Bhartiya Janta Party.

I have learnt that no country can offer Liberty to others. They are all mean people sucking out their benefits from helpless. At one end when we teach children to think out of box, we draw a boundary line to them to keep their Pandora box within a box. Each country have their borders and their rituals are the boundaries. Going out beyond that space is unacceptable in these societies. It outcast us, makes us live in a constant fear, what a pity intelligence human have achieved. I wonder what would be the EQ and empathy level of artificial intelligence of future generations. Will they become intelligent enough to create peace? Will they become a part of the human greedy insanity of Power?

My only hope was women of our society who are genetically caring and compassionate by nature. However, they are either too busy in finding the 296 shades between violet and purple to prove don’t know what, whereas some are too busy to buy a moment just to exist in a male dominated brutal society. Most women in our society do not even understand the meaning of the Independence.

I love the dialogue from a Movie YJHD, “He knew, what it is like to own your life on your own. He was proud that his son has that ability to pay the price for what he truly desires“.

Own Your Life.
And do good for self and others
Make it worthy


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