The Lost Ones

I have been a backbencher for half of my school life. Then, I fell in love with this girl who was a scholar of the class and obviously pretty. A scolded kid like me then felt going to school is a time well spent.

Here I am a grown-up and realizing that although the world does belong to the Backbenchers. However, the world has been made beautiful by First benchers. How So? The one who spent his night in loneliness and day in front of some intellectual level of a job of which the end products backbenchers enjoy and place a price tag on it. It seems a harsh statement but in my opinion, backbenchers are successful dream sellers not socially responsible individuals.

The first benchers feel like their life as dull & boring. They have a desire but do not have the guts to taste the beauty of life. It’s like once you have been appreciated for your goodness in your childhood, you would avoid doing anything that put you in the list of ‘Bad boy/girl’ category by your parents, teachers and society. Our minds are conditioned to become good and do good. Well, this discourages one to try new things. One would start living in their own certainty boundary where the probability of failure would be minimum. The share market has this one fundamental principle, ‘More Risk, More Money’. Life is like that, some people risk their time and energy into new things and are enthusiastic about it. They fail but they keep trying because they do not fear the uncertainty of failure as a LABEL on their personalities.

They are mostly introverts unlike the character of Ranchoddas Chanchad, but more like the guy who QUIT in the movie 3 Idiots. Well, you may not have remembered his name, right? They are early birds prepared for whatever is certain. It is difficult for first benchers to handle the uncertainties.

The people in our world are STUPID from the Sheldon Cooper point of view. A fictional character, perhaps resembles many scientists, has a high IQ but lacks comprehending the irrational world and things like #Sarcasm.

There are other out of the world people like Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, Rumi, Bruno, Beethoven, Vincent Van gogh and uncountable others. They don’t feel like they belong to this world. They feel alienated. Their thinking, ideology, philosophy, morals just don’t fit in anywhere except a non-existent universe. These scientists, writers, poets, artists, thinkers, have influenced the world to a great extent and provided the extremities behavioural knowledge of humans to 21st-century psychologists.

It’s a mystery or an incomplete story, I don’t really know. My mind blows up rationalizing the thinking of these admirable personalities. It hurts me deep down listening to their biography. It creates a dissociation in me from reality, from the people. The more I learn about them, the more I feel disconnected. It is like a void that doesn’t exist still increasing, expanding to the extent of a burst. It is difficult to explain how a void can burst, still, it feels like so.

The people are lost in the world not knowing their purpose, living a mediocrity life. Many don’t know what they like or love. The other lost ones are trying to filter out what is left unique. A popular quote that helps us in dilemma, goes like ‘Go With the Flow’.

Now, imagine a party with a dense crowd, and you are passing by as in going with the flow, each time you are hit by someone’s action, you divert. You keep hitting and the crowd is so big that you never come out of that crowd ever in your life. You do not enjoy the party, neither you feel left out, just neutral, like nothing is happening. Deep down your mind is clouded heavily playing an unknown cassette, having every tune that can exist and words that ever existed but you are deaf, so nothing makes sense and you just exist but the entropy remains unchanged.

Well, enough of first benchers and last benchers, who cares about middle benchers? Well, they are known but yet not that important to be remembered. I think a dialogue from a web series cubicles fits in for them.

“This world is actually run by people sitting & working in their cubicles.”

These are the people who are mostly working from backstage for survival and then high up for innovative ideas of start-up and hire backbenchers to sell these ideas to make it sound sensible.

It is not only mine but also the people tendency to categorize the people by some terms. The above categories aren’t much offensive but it would be if I direct the conversation to the religion. Muslims are like that, Hindus are like that, Cristinaity are like that etc. In india, we have more categories, these goes like these, where you belong to, where you have born, then what’s your religion. These three aren’t good enough ingredients to make one feel better, so they further add more spices, like type of work, class, schooling standard, marksheet, job etc.

If you crush a cockroach, you're a hero. If you crush a beautiful  butterfly, you're a villain. Morals have aesthetic criteria." Nietzsche - )

Basically, the people who understand and are neutral to the other humans and ANIMALS without being judgemental, they would be cursed to be voilent to self and lost in this world of ingtelligence where being an animal is crazy and acting as animal is criminalized.

Basically, A Sad Ending

Lost Souls - FilmFreeway

with a Smile


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